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A documentary web series about littering in Swiss waters.

It is well known that we have to save the oceans because they are full of plastic waste. But what about the waters in Switzerland? Little is spoken or reported about this.

"Lit(t)erweise" / "By the Lit(t)er" is a documentary web series that deals with littering in Swiss waters. An underestimated local topic that also has global impacts. A professional fisherman, a waste diver and an environmental activist, three people who are actively doing something about waste in Swiss waters or are affected by it, lead through the problem.


Das Projekt
EPISODE 1:  In the Nets

Samuel Weidmann is a professional fisherman on Lake Zurich.

Finding trash in his nets is no longer a rarity for him.

EPISODE 2:  Below the Surface

Matthias Ardizzon devotes his free time and private resources to clean Switzerland's waters. He is the president of Abfalltaucher SchweizFor hus living he works as a 

EPISODE 3:  From the Lake to the Oceans

Gabriele Kull grew up in Brazil and was an environmental activist early on. She is committed to various environmental projects in Switzerland and Brazil. Among other things, she is President of the STOPPP (Stop Plastic Pollution Switzerland) association and founder of .



Flavia Reinhard
Concept, direction, camera, editing

Flavia Reinhard was born in Bern in 1995 and grew up in Kallnach. After graduating from the Hofwil high school (Münchenbuchsee, BE) with a focus on visual design and the preliminary course for design in Bern, she began studying at the Zurich University of the Arts.

In 2020 she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Design in the field of Cast / Audiovisual Media at the ZHdK.


Flavia Reinhard is a passionate diver herself. During her divemaster training, the problem of waste in the world's oceans became more and more obvious to her and that this is a global problem, but a cause for which can also be found in the local waters of “clean” Switzerland. Therefore, she decided to use her bachelor thesis to draw attention to exactly this problem.

Simon Schwaninger completed his piano studies at the Jazz School Zurich (2010 Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy) and at the Jazz School Lucerne (2014 Master of Arts in Music Performance). With his jazz trio DUCADU he inspires the audience with his own compositions. At the beginning of 2020, after his first album “Atlantis”, his second album “Imagination” was released. Since 2018 he has been studying composition for film, theater and media at the ZHdK and has specialized in film music and setting documentaries to music.

Simon_Schwaninger_CV Kopie.jpg
Simon Schwaninger

Gabriela Betschart


Head of Bachelor Cast / Audiovisual Media:

Nico Lypitkas

Yonca Ergen, Arzije Asani, Caroline Feder,

Matthias Ardizzon, Gabriele Kull, Samuel Weidmann,

Association of Waste Divers Switzerland ,

Diving school & dive shop Poseidon

Partner & Acknowledgments:

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